What Our Customers Are Saying


As head of Adobe Retail Business in North America and Europe, Middle East and Africa, my role includes establishing and managing our retail strategy, supporting programs, team leadership and revenue management.

For various business reasons and after an extensive interview process with various companies, I made the decision to move our account management and support model to USI Sales five years ago. With this partnership I was able onboard a sales, marketing and support team who understands technology, the value of cross-organizational collaboration and has strong relationships with all of the major retailers. Leveraging USI Sales’ shared model helped me reduce overall costs without compromising quality.

In the past five years USI Sales has evolved with our needs through team changes, product line revisions, new merchandising strategies, annual strategy sessions and so much more. Together with USI Sales we have transformed our business from a perpetual product lifecycle business to a subscription membership based line. If someone asked me to describe the USI Sales team, I would tell you they have “grit”. Everyone in the company is positive, they persevere and have passion for our short and long-term goals and I highly recommend USI Sales for any business who is seeking a professional, involved and action-orientated sales, marketing and support team.

Mandy Torvick
Sr. Manager Retail North America & Europe, Middle East and Africa
Adobe, Inc.