What Our Customers Are Saying

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Schok has been investing millions of dollars in developing a unique line of smartphones with the intention of transforming the entry to mid-level mobility segment.

Our products are made to show the consumer that there is a viable option in buying a smartphone for the fraction of the cost without sacrificing features, design and performance.

We have put so much care in the development process of our products we needed a sales team that fully understood the DNA and importance of our company. We wanted to find a partner with strong connections and experience that will help us navigate the complex retail environment while at the same time reaching our strong sales and management goals.

After several interviews with different companies, it was clear that USI Sales was the very best option for us.

They are friendly, respectful and very professional, after almost two years working with them, we couldn’t be happier with our decision.  We have grown from a start-up company to a very serious contender thanks to them.

Thanks, USI Sales team, nobody can ask for a better partner than you.

Schok, LLC.